Friday, August 11, 2006

Ladybug Lifecycle

We've got masses of ladybugs in our yard this year, and have managed to get some good photos of ladybug reproduction. We saw these two beetles mating in the corn and bean patch.
Here is a cluster of eggs that we found on a cosmo leaf.
Below is a photo of a ladybug larva (this is what they look like after they've hatched out of the eggs). They apparently molt a few times before pupating and becoming beetles. Just look at him chowing down on all those fat, juicy aphids (their favorite snack).

Next are two photos of pupae that we found.

And finally, a brand new ladybug newly emerged from his pupa!


Mtroop said...

Thank you. Now I understand what was all over my columbines late this spring and has disappeared. I've seen the whole life cycle! We are overun with ladybugs spring and fall. I will be watching next year for eggs and pupa.
I found your blog though the Garden Tour today. It's so interesting.

Cheryl said...

How lucky to be overun with ladybugs.
Thanks for visiting!

Doris Faust said...

I am so glad you posted these photos. I had the worst attacked of aphids that I have ever had in my life this year. I was frantic about what to do, since I don't like neem oil and such. I used my water hose to get rid of the aphids, but they were back by morning, just as thick. When I was about to give up, I saw Ladybug larva feeding, I was so excited. I have never experienced this before in my garden. Now I have hundreds, in stage of larva, pupa and new ladybugs. My aphids are all but gone, I guess just enough left to feed the new ladybugs emerging. I need to learn how to feed them to keep them here and how to help them overwinter in my garden. If you have information that can helps us newbies out here, it would be appreciated. Thank you!!!!!