Friday, September 29, 2006

Littlest Pet Shops

The most played with toys in our house at the moment are the numerous Littlest Pet Shop animals that the kids have collected.

They use them for all kinds of things, including as models for their many photo shoots.

This fairy monkey is just so cute!

Here's "Cappy" hiding in a cave during a recent camping trip.

Their latest ongoing project has been making a movie (using Pet Shop animals as actors) of Bee's favorite book, "Into the Land of the Unicorns". The above photo was taken for the movie poster. Another movie is also in the works - "Harry Paws and the Philosopher's Bone" (starring a Littlest Pet Shop dog, of course).


Anonymous said...

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paula said...

I saw on Live today that The Biggest Littlest Pet Shop is the #1 toy for Christmas this year, according to the 1200 kids who tested all the toys. Gee, I wonder how I can get that gig!

Cheryl said...

Tara - Thanks for your comments. I've sent a more detailed reply to your hotmail account, I hope you've received it. Good luck!

Paula - No kidding, those things sell like hotcakes!