Thursday, March 29, 2007

Paper Airplanes

My son is obsessed with this book at the moment. He bought it at a recent book sale, and has been folding paper airplanes like crazy ever since.

There are several neat planes in the book, but my favorite is one called the Hurricane, which is actually a round tube that spins as it flies in a spiral motion.

Included with the book is a pack of really cool paper in a variety of prints that adds pizazz to your planes.

Anyone else out there a fan of Klutz books?


Chelee said...

We love the klutz books. C taught herself to juggle using one. I also have one on how to tie tons of knots that I've used quite a bit.

Paper airplanes looks like a keeper!

Debbie said...

I love klutz books and products. We have a paper airplane book, too, that the kids love.

Silvia said...

We have many Klutz books! They have great customer service, too, btw. We've got the paper airplane book, origami, hemp jewelry, autograph book, body crayons, mazes, 2 string game books, etc. All make the subject so easy to understand!