Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter Mania

We joined thousands of eager Harry Potter fans on Friday night, heading out to one of the city's most beautiful gardens which had been turned into the Ministry of Magic for a few fun hours.

The party that we took part in was put on by Vancouver Kidsbooks, our favorite local bookstore, which always decorates its front entrance in honor of the latest Harry Potter book.

We were stunned by the volume of traffic that this event created. It was like the city's worst rush hour at 11:00 at night!

Once we got through the gates, it felt like we were deep inside the Forbidden Forest, surrounded by characters straight out of the pages of the books.

There was a mini Hogwarts Express...

...and Hungarian Horntail dragons just looking for trouble.

Dumbledore, Harry and Fawkes kept the crowd entertained until midnight struck and we were given what we'd all come for. I love how excited everyone was despite the rain, many people sat and started reading as soon as they got their copy. There were people dressed as every character imaginable, the best being the person dressed as the Fat Lady in the painting, carrying a picture frame in front of themselves all night.

Did anyone else take part in one of the midnight parties?


Chelee said...

Yes! We did go to a midnight party. It was a lot of fun but because it was in a large commercial book store who will remain nameless, they wouldn't let us take pictures inside. If we were caught taking photos, we would be kicked out of the party.

We did have a lot of fun and C is already done reading it. She read it in less than 24hrs. That was her goal.

Shawna said...

No, we didn't. My son is still a bit young for it all. He likes the whole Harry Potter thing, but more because his older brothers do. Now my oldest son (20) wants the book badly--but it sold out here that 1st day. I plan to get it for him this week. I believe he just went to see the latest Harry Potter movie that was released???

Debbie said...

We didn't either but we did get the book. My husband is reading it first because he reads quicker. I am looking forward to digging in!

Midlife Traveller said...

I have a shocking confession: I have never read Harry Potter. Having spent most of my youth reading magic/fantasy novel series' such as those by Anne McCaffrey, David Eddings, and Terry Brooks, I confess I have a sort of BTDT attitude towards the whole HP thing. I will wait until all this passes then pick up a set at a used bookstore some day. :)