Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Fun

Wow, I am so incredibly bad at keeping up with this blog! Thanks to those of you who still bother to check in on it now and then.

My excuse is that we've been doing a whole lot of this lately, swimming at our favorite local pools and parks. This one in particular is one of the best pools in the city - the view of the mountains is incredible.

What's everyone else doing with their summer days?


Debbie said...

Wow! Gorgeous. I'd be there as often as possible.

Chelee said...

WOW! What a great view while swimming!

We've been busy but I'm sure not as busy as you guys. I think I'll post on my unschool blog this week too. I have a wonderful airborn photo of H in the pool I took last week.

Cheryl said...

Debbie - Isn't it nice? We're trying to get there as much as we can!

Chelee - Sounds like a great photo, I'll keep an eye out for it.

dawn said...

That is an awesome looking pool. It looks huge. We will be out in your area at the end of August. We are going to a home school geology camp for a couple of days at Frank's slide, then heading for Abbotsford. We will go out to White Rock one day and we have gone to the Trans Canada water slides in the past and may do that too. We were out there for vacation 5 years ago, and this spring for a day for a funeral. I am looking forward to coming out for a vacation again.

Cheryl said...

Dawn - Do you have family in Abbotsford? The end of August is a great time to be coming out.

The geology camp at Frank's slide sounds interesting, is that something that they run regularly?

Shawna said...

Beautiful! We having attending cooking camp, flying off to Texas, going to our Library, working in our yards, etc...have yet to get to the beach or pool (except when in Texas LOL)